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FOCUS: Mask Audio Electronics One Knob Clang [0073]
video publication date: 07 July 2022

This video was an attempt to work through the dynamics of the One Knob Clang. The pedal only has a volume knob and a diode clipping switch. Most of the dynamic control I got out of the pedal was by using the bass cuts and volume controls on the guitars. I hadn't played the Phosphene Scream much before this video and I just grabbed it on a whim; it really impressed this generally-not-a-reverb-fan guy. The DBA did kind of take over the entire video, but I felt the pedals worked well together and the result really made the One Knob Clang show a lot of use as a driver for other effects. It took me a long time to get into the One Knob Clang, but it is a fun pedal that requires some outside-the-box experimenting.

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